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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] [RFC] sysfs support for xen linux

On 9 Jan 2006, at 23:35, Mike D. Day wrote:

This patch is the first step toward instrumenting xen through sysfs, and toward migrating the /proc/xen files to /sys/xen.

The major component is a set of kernel functions that hopefully make adding files to /sys/xen as easy as adding files to /proc/xen. A smaller file adds xen version information by creating a file under /sys/xen/version.

I am looking for feedback on the approach and usefulness of the sysfs support functions. The next step is to add support for sysfs binary files and to experiment with implementing /proc/xen/privcmd as /sysfs/xen/privcmd

xen_sysfs.c looks to contain a lot of code that I would expect to be part of a generic sysfs library. Does every subsystem that uses sysfs really have to implement all that stuff for itself?

(I am not a sysfs expert, by the way :-).

 -- Keir

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