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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] Getting and setting SEDF scheduling parameters

Here is a new patch to reflect Keir's directions from last Friday.  Note 
that the patch only addresses the GET/PUT_INFO logic (not the correctness 
of the scheduler proper) but the scheduler seems to indeed be doing the 
right thing.

This patch:

1. Fixes an underflow bug in sedf_adjust_weights() that would cause the 
<slice> for a weight-driven domain to be set to a really big number if the 
CPU was already overcommitted.

2. Clarifies the logic in sedf_adjdom().  Whenever (weight==0), 
time-driven scheduling is selected.  Otherwise, weight-driven scheduling 
is selected.  Extratime scheduling works for both modes.  [Note to Keir: 
in re your question, real-time weights only divvy up the spare 
non-time-sliced time according to the predetermined schedule.]

3. Adds a heap of comments to the code, including five examples of how one 
might set the scheduling parameters.  Each of the five examples has been 
non-rigorously tested to work as described, but additional testing is 

One additional change I recommend is to add printk()'s to sedf_adjdom() 
that indicate the failure of a scheduling operation, and possibly to 
indicate success as well, but that's not included in this patch.

Signed-off-by: jlg@xxxxxxxxxx

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