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[Xen-devel] xen 3.0 testing ACPI problems / no PCI functionality


I just encountered that the xen 3.0 testing (from the mercurial repository) will not work if I have ACPI compiled into the kernel. Although the kernel will build properly, I cant boot it, as xen is constantly moaning about the amount of memory reservated for dom0 and thus is rebooting again and again (the appropiate settings are given and correct).

I confirmed this by NOT compiling ACPI into my kernel at all .. then xen boots up fine... BUT then I do not have PCI functionality at all (which means lspci is empty and all my PCI devices do not work, even not if I try to load the appropiate driver manually). Again the settings (config) are compiled in and correctly set (which simply means I wasnt a jerk and forgot compiling PCI support in tho). I am using sis5513 as mainboard chipset and another confirmation on my side, as far as the problerm above's concerned, is that I tried exactly the same kernel config (without the xen config symbols of course) and compiled a vanilla kernel manually .. it boots up fine and PCI support is also given, while doing the same with a xen-patched kernel will not work at all and results in pci non-functionality.

Any further confirmation about the two problems I mentioned above would be appreciated.

best regards,

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