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Re: [Xen-devel] watches not working from domU userspace

On 7 Jan 2006, at 01:54, Cihula, Joseph wrote:

This is a bigger change than I was expecting, but sometimes (often ;-)
doing the right thing is harder than doing the easy thing.  I'll start
working on this approach.

This also facilitates a useful follow-on change: modify XS_INTRODUCE to
take a grant reference instead of an mfn and use that as the command
(instead of XS_NEW_CONNECTION) to establish communication with the
userspace clients.  This would have the additional benefit of not
requiring xenstored's domain to be privileged just to map pages for its
clients.  Of course, it would mean altering the domain builder code to
create a grant reference for the xenbus page.

We definitely want that change anyway (and also for the console page). We already reserve the first 8 entries in every grant table to allow us to implement this in future.

 -- Keir

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