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[Xen-users] Re: [Xen-devel] Backports to 3.0-testing and/or 3.0.1 soon?

Ian Pratt wrote:
I am noticing many bug fixes, code cleanups, and improvements being committed to -unstable over the past few weeks and little or no commits to 3.0-testing.

Is a back port of some of these to 3.0-testing expected to happen soon?

We're not planning on backporting stuff into 3.0.0.x -- we'll stabilise
the tree and do a release in maybe 2-4 weeks time.


Isn't the 3.0-testing tree meant to for users who want to test new fixes before a release is made and to accelerate and refine the QA process? If there are no back ports before a release then there is no point to a 3.0-testing tree.

Thank you,
Matt Ayres

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