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Re: [Xen-devel] Re: Xen 3.0 for OpenBSD

> > Using OpenBSD should be possible under VT.
> Probably true for those with new Intel VT-enabled processors. I will be
> getting an  AMD processor which has Pacifica, which is not identical in
> features to  Intel's VT. So I have doubts about running OpenBSD in virtual
> mode on  AMD64-Pacifica unless specific support for Pacifica is present in
> Xen.

There'll be Pacifica support in Xen, it's just not fully baked yet.

> I expect to run an *unmodified* OpenBSD using Xen's hardware support for
> virtualization via Pacifica. I hope I am not living in airborne castles!

Unmodified BSD / Linux / Windows should run fine under hardware-supported full 

> > Personally, I've observed quite a lot of hostility to Xen among OBSD
> > community people, largely due to what I'd call "religious objections",
> > which is a shame.
> You are not alone! And not just about Xen either! I ignore it.

Heheh :-)

> I think the OpenBSD developers are focused upon server enhancements.
> I think they will get much more interested in Xen if they see a use for
> it in OpenBSD server operations.

Yup.  We'll see what happens...  People running an OS under full 
virtualisation helps make the case for adopting paravirtualisation support.


> > None of these people are necessarily "important" though, they're just
> > the ones I've heard something definitive from.  Although this is probably
> > just a vocal minority, there certainly don't seem to be the positive
> > vibes that you see in some other OS communities (like the other BSDs) - I
> > guess if someone stepped up with (at least an offer of) some code, one
> > might get a more concrete reaction from developers.
> I will have a very strong incentive to get OpenBSD running on Xen when I
> finally have both a Pacifica-enabled AMD64 system and a copy of the source
> tree of Xen with Pacifica support.
> Dave Feustel
> > Cheers,
> > Mark

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