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[Xen-devel] Network-bridge script with bonding and vlan

I'm trying to get the latest x86_64 development release running with eth0 & eth1 bonded (using 802.3ad) with VLAN support. I am trying to get a VLAN support running with the intention of putting each domU on its own VLAN. Given that the dom0 machine won't have an IP address on any of the domU VLAN's, there should be reasonable network isolation between the domains.

I can get the bonding/vlan configuration working on a machine without Xen. However I am having troubles getting the VLAN interfaces bridged correctly to the xen0 and xenU domains vif interfaces. I'm unsure as to which interfaces should have what MAC address, and/or how to do that.

I've managed to get the VLAN support working on an older version of Xen devel x86, but found I had to run tcpdump in dom0 on each VLAN interface (presumably to put it into promiscuous mode).

Any help would be appreciated.


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