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[Xen-devel] [PATCH] xenoprof for SMP domains: patch for Xen

  Please, find attached a patch for the new version of xenoprof (which
enables oprofile in Xen) that supports profiling of SMP domains.
  This version does not support passive domains yet, i.e. all domains
being profiled must be running oprofile. Pasive domains profiling will
be added in a future version.

  You will need 5 patches to run oprofile with Xen:
  1) nmi_fault_fix.patch: 
     This is technically not part of xenoprof but fix a problem with NMI
causing the machine to reboot.  You will need this, since xenoprof uses
NMI heavily and will crash your machine without this patch. This patch
was posted in a previous message today.
  2) xenoprof-2.0-xen-3.0-devel.patch: 
     xenoprof patch to the xen tree (attached to this message)
  3) xenoprof-2.0-linux-2.6-sparse.patch: 
     Contains oprofile architecture specific driver for Xen (to be used
against linux sparse tree) (to be posted in a following message)
  4) xenoprof-2.0-linux-2.6.12.patch: 
     Contains modifications to the generic component of oprofile kernel
module available in linux 2.6 kernel. (to be used against linux dom0 and
domU trees) (to be posted in a following message)
  5) xenoprof-2.0-oprofile-0.8.2.patch: 
     Modifications to oprofile user level tools. There is no
modifications since the last time it was posted for the previous
versions of oprofile, but I am reposting it for completeness. (to be
applied to oprofile source tree available from
http://oprofile.sourceforge.net.) (to be posted in a following message)

  These patches were generated against changeset 7396 of October 16,
  Please, note that this is a beta version and needs more testing.
Please send me feedback if you use it. Knowing that it is working fine
for you is also useful.

Signed-off-by: Jose Renato Santos <jsantos@xxxxxxxxxx>

Attachment: xenoprof-2.0-xen-3.0-devel.patch
Description: xenoprof-2.0-xen-3.0-devel.patch

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