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[Xen-devel] udev

I have a problem mounting filesystems in a Xen3 domU. Often some device nodes are missing. Am i right, that normally udev creates the needed device nodes? It seams now, that udev in a domU does not work correct. Or has anyone a solution, why some devices are missing?
# ls -l /dev/hda*
brw-r-----  1 root disk 3,  1 Oct 18 11:19 /dev/hda1
brw-r-----  1 root disk 3, 11 Oct 18 11:19 /dev/hda11
brw-r-----  1 root disk 3, 14 Oct 18 11:19 /dev/hda14
brw-r-----  1 root disk 3,  8 Oct 18 11:19 /dev/hda8
Even if i try to create the missing device node with the mknod command, i cannot mount it.
# mknod /dev/hda3 b 3 3
# mount /dev/hda3
mount: /dev/hda3 is not a valid block device
Appending the needed devices in /etc/udev/static_devices.txt does not help.
Here is my domU configuration:
# cat inhouse | grep -v ^#
name    = "inhouse"
memory  = 2048
maxcpus = 1
kernel  = "/boot/vmlinuz-xen"
ramdisk = "/boot/initrd-xen"
vif  = [ 'mac=aa:cc:00:00:00:01, bridge=xenbr0' ]
hostname = name
disk = [ 'phy:xenvg/inhouse-root,hda1,w',
         'phy:xenvg/susedvd,hdc1,r' ]
root    = "/dev/hda1"
extra   = "3"
I have no hda devices configured in my dom0.
Now i'm looking very puzzled, because on every restart of my domU there are other hda devices missing. Does anyone know how to solve this problem?
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