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Re: [Xen-devel] peth1: received packet with own address as source address

Ted Kaczmarek wrote:

It happens consistently.

The no arp issue may be masking something else, you really want the
bridge to respond for arps for nodes behind it, otherwise all ports must
get flooded.

 My bad, mixing up arp snooping here, the arps must always be flooded.
Been mulling this, peth0 is the bridge id, but without spanning tree
running should not be doing anything. Ian also stated this when I first
brought this up.

Er, peth0 is the physical interface - not sure what you mean by
"is the bridge id", Ted?

Has anyone captured this packet/frame yet?

Timezone delay ;). Tmrw morning..

That would likely explain a lot.

Yep. I'll try and repro tonight if possible, or just catch one
of the guys on irc who are seeing it if they're around..


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