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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] Bug #327 xentop/libxenstat vcpu fix

On 14 Oct 2005, at 23:39, Daniel Stekloff wrote:

xentop will error when getting vcpu information if there are disabled
vcpus for a domain at the end of the vcpu list. xentop merely goes
through the num_vcpus list and calls DOM0_GETVCPUCONTEXT, it doesn't
check if the requested vcpu is disabled or enabled. DOM0_GETVCPUCONTEXT
returns the next enabled vcpu in the list or an error if it doesn't find
one. xentop will then error.

This is just a quick fix to check the vcpu_to_cpu[] map before
requesting vcpu info.

GETVCPUCONTEXT no longer returns the next valid vcpu. It just fails if the specified vcpu is not currently online. Also, GETDOMAININFO no longer returns vcpu_to_cpu or cpumap arrays. I moved those into a new GETVCPUINFO call.

I think you can use a simpler algorithm for finding all online VCPUs anyway. The tools will always try to ensure that VCPUs 0 to info.n_vcpu-1 are online, so you could just iterate over that. If you are worried about discontiguous online maps, just iterate over 0-(MAX_VIRT_CPUS-1) and silently drop the GETVCPUINFO failures (errno==ESRCH).

 -- Keir

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