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Re: [Xen-devel] Adaptec 7892 Not Showing

I am trying to boot Xen on a Adaptec 7892 SCSI controller and it isn't even going into the check routines for the disk! (Ie, no disks are found and I can't boot into Xen...)... It works fine on FC3 and the drivers are compiled into the kernel (I tried both new and old...). The machine is an IBM eSeries 330.

Are you using the -xen kernel? I doubt the -xen0 kernel has a driver
compiled in for that card.

Are you actually seeing the startup messages for the driver?

[The -xen kernel has a wide variety of modules, but you'll need to build
an initrd]


I compiled support directly into the kernel for the AIC7xxx driver, and it supposedly has support for the 7892. No I'm not seeing start-up messages, just that the "SCSI subsystem initialized".


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