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RE: [Xen-devel] More on domU not starting -- HELP

>Ted Kaczmarek wrote:
>>What changeset are you using?
>Note that I got this by just doing 'hg clone
>I did not change a thing, just did a make world and installed the
>(Am I wrong to assume that this procedure will produce a xen that
>>Did your kernel config work before?
>I had no special config, just was using whatever the default is in the
>repository I cloned.

I see an intermittent problem on my box (Redhat AS update 1) when I try
to create a guest domain. This is with yesterday's tip.

Again I just did an 'hg clone' of the xen unstable repository.

When it doesn't work xen tries to mount the root file system over NFS.
Looks like a race condition to me.


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