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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] Xenoprof patches for xen-unstable

> >> **I changed opcontrol to echo XENIMAGE and XEN_RANGE to
> >> ~/.oprofile/daemonrc so they are picked up by oprofiled.
> >>
> >> oprofiled cmd line looks like:
> >>
> >> oprofiled --separate-lib=0 --separate-kernel=0 --spearate-thread=0
> >> --separate-thread=0 --spearate-cpu=0
> >> --events=GLOBAL_POWER_EVENTS:29:0:100000:1:1:1,
> >> --vmlinux=/boot/2.6.11-xen0-up --kernel-range=c01000000,c03ed2ae
> >> --xen-image=/boot/xen-unstable-syms --xen-range=c01000000,c03fc45e
>   Andrew,
>   I think your changes to opcontrol are not doing the
>   right thing. Your --xen-range option to oprofiled
>   is not correct. It overlaps with the kernel range.
>   Look at my version of the oprofiled cmd line:
>   (see --xen-range values).

Renato, it looks like I did not update my syms file.  Thanks for 
steering me the right way.  It works perfectly now!


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