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Re: [Xen-devel] network (irq?) problems in unstable

> Also interesting, for the guest irqs, is to print out integer:
>   ((irq_guest_action_t *)desc->action)->in_flight
> And for all irqs, to print out string:
>   desc->handler->typename

(XEN) IRQ states:
(XEN)     0: 45508 XT-PIC
(XEN)     1:  1105 XT-PIC guest(0)
(XEN)     2:     0 XT-PIC
(XEN)     4:     7 XT-PIC inprogress
(XEN)     5:  3140 XT-PIC guest(0)
(XEN)     9:     0 XT-PIC guest(0)
(XEN)    11: 24131 XT-PIC guest(0)
             ^^^^^ irq counter

Nothing unusual, also the irq count is identical with what
linux thinks about it in /proc/interrupts ...

I've also noticed meanwhile that I can make the network work
again by setting the interface down and up again.  That seems
to re-initialize something.

Dones't look like a xen bug to me. I suspect it's a bug in the
tulip driver, probably triggered by the timings being a bit
different when running under xen.

> PS. I'm looking at your Xen PAE patches now, so hopefully I'll get them 
> checked in later today.

Thanks.  At least the "pae-support" patches being merged would
be really nice as it touches many places and breaks all the time
due to some updates in xen.  The hypercall interface changes
probably need some more work in the tools, I'm trying to get
domU's up with the changed hypercall interface.  Well, I would
if I wouldn't debug the network issues at the moment ...



-mm seems unusually stable at present.
        -- akpm about 2.6.12-rc3-mm3

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