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Re: [Xen-devel] stable / unstable parallel install?

Steven Hand wrote:
>>Is there some easy way to install both 2.x and unstable xen
>>tools at the same machine?  Seems /usr is hardcoded everythere
>>in the tools Makefiles, looks like there is no easy way to put
>>them to different paths (say, prefix /opt/xen2 and /opt/xen3)
> No easy way that I know of - we typically just use different root 
> file systems here to ensure that everything is completely separated. 

What I do is I statically link all the tools (I use vm-tools
exclusively), so I don't have to fiddle with all the /usr/lib symlinks
and PYTHON_PATH etc. This allows me to switch versions quickly, or to
have several versions installed at the same time.

Just Say No to shared libraries and interpreted languages ;-)


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