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[Xen-devel] Genapic testing

I tried Xen with genapic on my X86_64 box running 32-bit SLES9 SP1. The
default genapic driver gets loaded and I was able to boot successfully
without any problems.

On an 8-way ES7000, Xen boots successfully but the system loops on the
"Time went backwards" message while Dom0 comes up. As far as I tell
ES7000 genapic driver has been loaded and the IO APICs and timers have
been initialized correctly. The other thing I noticed was that
specifying "apic=verbose" on the Xen command line in grub causes the
default driver to be loaded initially which is alright as the check for
the ES7000 happens later on.

So I guess the timer interrupt is not keeping up with the real-time
clock? Any idea what is causing this?


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