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Re: [Xen-devel] Xen & Transmeta (from xen-users)

On 25 May 2005, at 19:39, Carl Holtje ;021;vcsg6; wrote:

When Xen boots, I am greeted with the message 'ERR: Not a MultiBoot
bootloader!', followed by it telling me that /xen.gz is a multiboot-elf,
and module vmlinuz-2.6.11-xen0 is a multiboot-module.. (from

Can anybody help make heads or tails of this? It may, in all honesty, be
grub itself.. this has a full install of FC3, and we all know how
RH/Fedora likes to hack up packages..

Only the first line is from Xen: the other two are left over from GRUB itself (Xen reset the cursor to top of screen, but is failing earlier than the point it clears the vga console).

GRUB should be passing a magic number in register %eax. Perhaps changes you made to the bootstrap assembly code are clobbering %eax before it is checked?

 -- Keir

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