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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] Xenoprof patches for xen-unstable

Santos, Jose Renato G wrote:


  I have attached patches for enabling system wide profiling
  using oprofile for xen unstable.
  The patches were generated against change-set 1.1507 (May 22).
  The 4 attached files are

Jose, thanks very much for this! I really needed it...

1) xenoprof.txt: - xenoprof overview and user guide 2) xenoprof-1.1-xen-3.0-devel.patch: - patch for xen
  3) xenoprof-1.1-linux-2.6.11:
       - patch for linux. Note that this needs to be applied
twice, once to linux-2.6.11-xen0 and once to linux-2.6.11-xenU. (This is different than the last
         patch which was created against the linux sparse tree).
  4) xenoprof-1.1-oprofile-0.8.2:
       - patch for oprofile version 0.8.2

  Current known limitation/bugs are
   - No support for SMP guests yet.
   - when using passive domains, most samples are lost.

Excuse my ignorance - what exactly is a passive domain?

  I will be working on these issues and post new patches
  when I have them available.



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