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RE: [Xen-devel] Problem upgrading xen-unstable

> From: Mark Williamson
> There are some more files you can try deleting (lucky you!), 
> in addition to what Ian suggested:
> /usr/lib/libxc* /usr/lib/libxutil* 
> /usr/sbin/{xcs,xend,xentrace,xencons,xm}
> Just for paranoia you could delete the contents of /var/xen 
> (you might have to recreate some directories later for Xend 
> to work) and /etc/xen (assuming you've nothing valuable in there).
> Once you've deleted all those, and the original suggestions, 
> make mrproper in the Xen distribution (this deletes a whole 
> load of stuff so watch out you don't blow away any files 
> you've added).  Then make world to build from scratch.

I ended up trying a fresh Linux install in dom0, including mkfs()'ing the
filesystem. So all traces of the previous Xen should be gone in dom0. I
rebuilt Xen from scratch and installed it in this new filesystem. All
problems I saw before were gone, except for the console problem.

> If all this doesn't help, it's a bit mysterious.  What are 
> you using for a console?  xm create -c, xm console and 
> xencons should all behave properly.

I've done it in two ways: log into dom0 on the physical console, then use
"xm create -c" to create the domU and watch it. The other way was to ssh
(from a Windows box, using PuTTy) into dom0 and then use "xm create -c"
again. Ending the initial domU console session and reattaching using "xm
console" gives the same result.

Since I seem the only one having this problem it must be something I'm doing
wrong. I guess it's time for me to dig into xend.

Gé van Geldorp.

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