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Re: [Xen-devel] Xen & Transmeta (from xen-users)

> > This is an OQO, so I don't have the facilities to plug a serial cable
> > into... can I do anything over USB at this level?

An OQO?  *drool*  I bet nobody has ever tried Xen on one of those before :-)

> ah, the pain.
> You can do USB at this level, but it's not fun. You can look at some of
> the open source bioses out there to see how to get usb going in early
> assembly.

I don't suppose you can find another Transmeta machine to test this on?  Or is 
anyone else out there actually running on Transmeta at the moment?

> Another good option. -- does the thing have a speaker you can have beep?

Yes, that'd be favourite if the OQO supports something as arcane as a PC 
Speaker - just have your debug output beep to say "I'm still alive!".  I 
imagine you can cause a beep reasonably simply from the ASM, although I don't 
know how ;-)

What have you tried so far?  Have you tried removing use of the global bits as 
Ian suggested?  Have you hacked the CPUid checks to allow the Transmeta, or 
is it definitely not booting that far?


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