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RE: [Xen-devel] Re: Are linker scripts needed?

> >I'd be inclined to move to a model where we execute the device
> emulation
> >in the root (monitor) VMCS, using the same protection 
> mechanism we use 
> >for para-virtualized guests e.g. segmentation for x86, paging for 
> >x86_64. The device emulation should should work like a 
> normal front-end 
> >driver, connecting via a device channel to a normal backend.
> I like the idea. :) but where is the resource of device 
> emulation component getting allocation from, like physical 
> frame allocated to that module? 

Page frames in use by the device emulation will be on the domain's page
list, just like the 'real guest' running under VT-x.

> If it's managed by vmx 
> Also that style of DM will be another type of domain, which 
> has to been considered by HV specially with resource and schedule...

As far as I can see, the device emulation will be entirely event driven,
driven by VM exits and events coming back from the backend drivers. The
normal scheduling should work just fine.

The device emulation modules could basically be linked against a
revamped mini-os to provide the services they need (e.g printk).

The configuration for qemu could be passed in on the 'command line' of
the mini-os, supplied by the domain builder.

The device emulation shouldn't assume it has all of the 'real' guest's
memory mapped into its address space (it can't for PAE), but can have a
very large map cache.


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