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[Xen-devel] vmx_intercept.c

we found something interesting in vmx_intercept.c providing a technique
for high-performance io accessing.

then, what is the use of this technique? for xen-aware? what xen-aware
exactly is?
in terms of VT, we don't have to modify guest os to run on xen 3. if we
are expecting high-performance io, do we have to modify guest os, or
just install some kind of xen-aware (xen-something)?
and, where xen-aware lies? xen space? dom0 space? domU space?

thanx in advance.

Feng Miao
Star SoftComm(China) Ltd
Mail: miaofeng@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Address: 3rd Floor Xinxi Road,Shangdi,Haidian District, Beijing 100085,PRC

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