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RE: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] Network Checksum Removal

> Overall though these are the kind of results I would expect. 
> Linux usually does csumming at the same time as it has to do 
> a copy anyway, and it ends up being limited by 
> memory/L2-cache bandwidth, not the extra computation. But the 
> offload extensions haven't cost much to implement and there 
> are probably cases where it helps a little.
> Maybe I'm being pessimistic though: Can you reproduce the 
> rather more impressive speedups that you previously saw, Jon?

We should be getting some benefit on the receive path, where the
checksum is normally forced to happen independent of a copy. Having this
offloaded to hardware should produce some measureable gain.

Bin: The numbers you're seeing are terrible anyway. You should be seeing
890Mb/s for external traffic. What kind of machine is this on?


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