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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] Network Checksum Removal

> I've checked in a modified version of your patch that hopefully deals
> with propagating checksum information in both directions across a
> virtual bridge or router. I replaced your skb flags with two new ones
> -- proto_csum_blank and proto_csum_valid.
> The former indicates that the protocol-level checksum needs filling
> in. This is not a problem for local processing, but the flag is
> picked up before sending to a physical interface and fixed up.
> The latter indicates that the proto-level checksum has been validated
> since arrival at localhost (*or* that the packet originated from a
> domU on localhost). This flag survives crossing a bridge/router so we
> can trust it when deciding if checksum validation is required.
> I'll push the patch to the bkbits repository just as soon as bkbits
> rematerialises. :-)
> If you have any performance or stress tests that you were using to
> test checksum offloading, it would be great to find out how they
> perform on the checked-in version!

Now that BK is up, I'll run some netperf tests before/after that 
changeset and see what we get.


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