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Re: [Xen-devel] Xen repository

Ian Pratt wrote:
BK's algorithm for slecting the main branch is very 'odd' indeed, and as
it stands we'd loose a great deal of the revision history. I reckon we
could do a much better job of linearizing the history (possibly with a
bit of manual intervention).

I'm not really familiar with bitkeeper or this pick-your-patches style of management/merging. Is there useful documentation outside of the bigkeeper user guide? (googling bitkeeper gives two pages of bitkeeper vs linux/open source hits)

Can anyone think of a way of getting
bitkeeper to output the revision DAG in a parseable form? Having this
would also make it possible to keep the branch structure while
transfering to a tool like mercurial or cogito.

I'm not sure what DAG is, but I read a lkml posting from Linus that stated he had scripted a method of dumping data from BitKeeper, but hadn't used it because he expected it to take days to complete(to pull the kernel source tree).

Andrew Thompson

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