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Re: [Xen-ia64-devel] RE: Rebased xen-ia64 tree with VT-i support

Magenheimer, Dan (HP Labs Fort Collins) wrote:
So, go ahead and merge it into
Please make sure you merge in my latest changes (yesterday)
which are necessary to accommodate recent changes by Keir in
the main Xen source tree.  When that is done, let me know and
I will give it one final compile/run test and then get Keir
to pull it up into xen.bkbits.net/xeno-unstable.bk.

I just pushed some changes to xeno-unstable-ia64.bk. They add support for the Intel Vanderpool technology for Itanium processor family (VT-i).

CONFIG_VTI is disabled by default and needs to be explicitly turned on in Rules.mk for those interested in trying it out and having access to VT-i capable hardware.

I also checked in something equivalent to the pci-ioapic patch for ia64 and removed swiotlb.c (because Xen will not be involved in PCI DMA).


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