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RE: [Xen-devel] asterisk, ztdummy, and usb (and HZ = 100 under xen ???)

> On 21 May 2005, at 08:53, James Harper wrote:
> We're going to rip the fixed ticker out of Xen and allow domains to
> specify a background ticker at a rate of their choice, which ought to
> fix this for you.

So I could have a domain with 100HZ, and another with 1000HZ? That would
be nice.

> Of course, you're pretty screwed running this kind of
> thing on Xen unless you dedicate a whole CPU to the relevant domain.

Which would be the clicks and pops I hear :)

I'm only testing VoIP as a proof of concept idea, and have been doing
some coding on kernel stuff, which is where xen is great. Even though
it's remote I can reboot a crashed domain easily, and have yet to
completely hose the domain by doing something stupid with a pci device
mapped to the domain.

Just on that subject, under what conditions would a domain with
permissions to access a pci device be able to bring down the machine if
I did something stupid in the kernel driver?



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