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Re: [Xen-devel] about guest fw

In xen.devel, you wrote:
> Hi guys:
>     we got some information about xen 3.0's features on
> http://summit.xensource.com , and noticed that an guest fw was listed in
> the TODO.
>     then what is the difference between XEN guest fw and the ordinary
> bios or something?
>     can xen on a VT box provide standard HW platform to hold standard
> firmware like bios?

The plan is to package the rombios and the vgabios that ships with qemu 
(These got checked into bk earlier this week).  This BIOS is known to
work with the PC platform emulated by qemu.

In other words, the answer to your question is, yes - Xen + VT can 
present a standard PC platform to a guest OS, including the firmware.


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