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Re: [Xen-devel] asterisk, ztdummy, and usb (and HZ = 100 under xen ???)

> The problem is that the ztdummy driver assumes 1000HZ,

Do you mean it has a hardcoded value instead of using the "HZ" macro???  I'd 
consider that a bug - have you tried contacting the codes maintainers?

> and a 2.6 kernel 
> under xen . I worked around it by making the ztdummy driver count 10
> ticks for each jiffy. My music on hold works now but clicks and pops a
> bit which I think may be because of my kludge.

Good to know it's working.  Just *please* don't use Green Sleeves or anything 
by Vivaldi!  (I've spent too much time in telephone queuing systems this year 
- it's made me a bit sensitive to hold music ;-)


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