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RE: [Xen-devel] linux/arch/xen/i386 or linux/arch/i386/xen

> > Will include/xen/ work for you?
> If that's acceptable, then I think that any of arch/xen (without the
> arch specific subdirectories), xen (toplevel xen, how does it compare
> in significance/ubiquity to crypto, fs, ipc, net, security or sound?)
> or {kernel,mm,drivers/pci}/xen would seem just as reasonable and make
> more sense than drivers/xen...
>     christian

After some thought (and perhaps for the first time :-)  I agree
with Christian.

Chris, any chance you can try out the idea of a top-level
xen directory on Linus?  It's really where it belongs...
the xen drivers aren't really drivers anyway, more like IPC
to provide virtual drivers.  And so much of the functionality
is cross-arch AND even potentially cross-sub-arch

It's probably a political non-starter, but can't hurt to ask.

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