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RE: [Xen-devel] [patch] more correct pfn_valid()

Ian Pratt wrote:
>> OK, got it. Then, aside from para-virtualized linux, do you
>> agree that some change should be made to unmodified vmx
>> domain build and DM? When domain creation in CP and when DM
>> services other domain, they shouldn't operate DomN's memory
>> by simply acquiring a plain continuous page_array which has
>> no hole information. Either extra information about hole, or
>> the page_array itself containing hole, should be added thereafter...
> vmx domains already have a virtually mapped pfn->mfn table stored
> within Xen.
> See phys_to_machine_mapping(gpfn)
Yes, but current VMX code is still using a simple contiguous page_array 
to do foreign map although there is phys_to_machine_mapping in HV. It is
just a
 minor bug. Probably providing phys_to_machine_mapping to DM like kevin
through a special hypercall is an easy way for DM to do map right.

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