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Re: [Xen-devel] HT Vulnerability CAN-2005-0109

Mark Williamson wrote:
Just stumbled on /. upon CAN-2005-0109 and wonder if xen is affected:


This vulnerability could (in principle) affect isolation between Xen VMs. It's not clear how exploitable it is, though.

It's clear that it is very exploitable.

Covert channels will *always* be there.

Yes. As you say, the problem is the side channel attack, not the covert

Someone has yet to release code that'll actually exploit these theoretical holes, so it's not clear how big a problem is in practice.

Huh? That sounds like something I would expect to hear from a Microsoft
marketroid. The paper includes code for the side channel attack (Figure 1
in <http://www.daemonology.net/papers/htt.pdf>), and even if it didn't, it
would be easy to replicate.

David Hopwood <david.nospam.hopwood@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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