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RE: [Xen-devel] Arch dependent tools/libxc?

> Hi, list,
>       When trying to add support for multiple domains on 
> IPF/VTI, immediately we realized current tools/libxc too x86 
> specific, like xc_linux_build.c, xc_linux_save.c, etc. which 
> are always compiled assumed upon x86 vcpu_guest_context_t. 
> Ideally they should only be compiled upon specific platform.
>       One solution is to add bunch of boring "ifdef 
> __x86_32... ifdef __ia64__" in Makefile, which however gonna 
> pollute many places. Since tools/libxc is the place coupled 
> with arch context most tightly, a better option may be to 
> move those files into arch dependent directory like 
> tools/libxc/{x86, ia64, etc}:
> Xc_linux_build.c
> Xc_plan9_build.c
> Xc_vmx_build.c
> Xc_linux_save.c
> Xc_linux_restore.c
> Xc_ptrace.c
> Xc_ptrace_core.c
> And some header files like linux_boot_params.h

Yep, this needs to happen.


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