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RE: [Xen-devel] voip & xen

I'm running asterisk as a user domain on a fairly slow machine (single
P2@350) and it does the job for the testing I'm doing. I have an ISDN
card accessed by that domain.

The only thing that doesn't work right now (it was working) is the
ztdummy driver to give me zaptel timing which makes the voice stuff a
bit smoother. When I try to load it it just crashes the domain. I'm
running in xen because it's available, and because when making changes
to the isdn kernel driver, the reboot cycle is much quicker and much
more reliable remotely... I haven't managed to crash the entire machine
yet even which I do stupid things with pci interrupts.

Given the performance of what is really a quite outdated machine, if you
were running on something a bit more modern you shouldn't have too much
trouble, unless another domain got a bit resource hungry.

Aside from the ISDN (NetJet from traverse.com.au), I'm also talking to
some linksys VoIP boxes which convert from POTS to VoIP.


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> hi,
>  Has anyone explored running a VoIP stack in a user domain? If so
> which stack have u installed. and what devices?
>  Any leads would be appreciated.
> thanks,
> deepak
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