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RE: [Xen-devel] possible changes was Re: [PATCH] make domu_debug run-time option + fix int3 handling for MP

> I was envisaging it as a flag that could be set/cleared at runtime for a
> domain, for example, when the gdbserver attached and detached.

That is fine. There is just the issue of the initial timing window. Also, if 
gdbserver crashes it isn't really an issue if the flag isn't cleared because 
can still run 'xm destroy'. In Linux ( at least) one can create 
unkillable processes by killing GDB when it is attached to another process.

> I don't think it's a domain builder issue.

What do I do if I'm starting an OS specifically for debugging? Right now I can 
do an int3 so that it will be paused. GDB isn't doing the forking and gdbserver 
can't attach until the VM is running, so there is no equivalent to putting a 
breakpoint on main(). I guess pausing the guest immediately after creation 


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