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RE: [Xen-devel] etherboot & multiboot

I've put together a combination of pxelinux+memdisk (from syslinux) to
boot a virtual disk with grub on it, and it boots up as far as grub, but
when it goes to load the xen image the screen goes grey within half a
second and stops dead.

memdisk works by creating a ramdisk in 'high memory', with a tiny low
memory driver which hooks into int13h to simulate a harddisk. My best
guess is that either grub or xen is treading on that space either in low
memory, killing the driver, or in high memory, corrupting the image.

I have tried syslinux 2.11 and 3.07.

Any suggestions? Any flags I could pass to xen to get it to be a bit
more careful?



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> Subject: [Xen-devel] etherboot & multiboot
> I've now given up trying to get grub working with my particular e1000
> adapter, I've tried all the patches and all I can get is something
> works a little bit but never past the grub menu.
> I'm sure I read something somewhere about a tool which would combine a
> multiboot image + modules into a single bootable item which could be
> loaded by lilo, and am hoping that the same thing might be able to
> me something which will work with xen + etherboot.
> The other thing I'm sure I read somewhere (or maybe it's the same
> and I'm just confused) is some way of combining grub + images together
> so that grub doesn't need to know about the network, it's all just in
> ram by the time grub is started.
> Does anyone know what I'm talking about? Now that I want it, I can't
> find anything about either of the above anywhere... maybe I dreamt
> Thanks
> James
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