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[Xen-devel] Help debug xend taking all cpu on dom0 (2.0.5)

I'm running xen-2.0.5 on gentoo (and I love it).
Installed is twisted-1.3.0, logging-, and python-2.3.5 (let me know if I need to list anything else).

I never use the console -- all access is through ssh.
I searched and saw the posts about xend crashing if your console gets about 2M of binary data catted to it, but again I use ssh only.

Every so often "python" (xend) starts taking up as much cpu as it can get (and there are no errors in the logs). "xend stop" usually kills the offending process and the domU's keep running. However a "xend start" kills all previous domU's. A reboot is required to have xend and control back.

If anyone else is having this problem and/or has a solution, I would love to hear about it. Also any help debugging this would be greatly appreciated.


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