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Re: [Xen-devel] [RESUBMIT] [PATCH] xen, tools: pincpu use vcpu and cpumap_t

Ian Pratt wrote:
 > > >>I'll update it against current unstable and resubmit.  Thanks.

Updated against 2005-05-10 nightly unstable snapshot.

Thanks, I'll apply it.

I've applied this already -- but it needs some more changes like moving the vcpu_to_cpu and cpumap arrays out of getdomaininfo into the new getvcpucontext, allowing this to scale beyond MAX_VIRT_CPUS. Also, I think sparse vcpu allocations aren't handled right for these two arrays, which moving them to getvcpucontext will also fix. Patches for this would be highly appreciated!

As I recall, I think Mike's tree has some improvements for this patch
too, in particular moving the conversion from the processor list into a
bitmap from xm into  xend. Steve's been working to get Mike's stuff
fully tested and integrated. Hopefully we can get this all merged

Yes, I had some fixes, but unstable won't boot for me at the moment
so I'm unable to test them.


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