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RE: [Xen-devel] jumbo frames

> > > What all would need to change to support it for domUs?
> > 
> > We need scatter-gather support on the device channel, and 
> the frontend 
> > and backend both need to know how to queue and dequeue fragmented 
> > network buffers.
> > 
> >   -- Keir
> Is it anywhere on the roadmap?

Post 3.0. Having it working in dom0 is good enough for iSCSI.

Unfortunately, many of the drivers use pci_map_page even for jumbo
frames, which is defined as dma_map_page which uses page_to_phys and
assumes that only a single page is being mapped. 

I think we'll need to create another cache for jumbo frames and bless
them with xen_contig_memory in the ctor function. Hmm, I'm not sure that
ctor functions can return failure, though...


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