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[Xen-devel] Re: Linux-XenU kernel panic in allocs after live migration

On May 10, 2005, at 0:04, Teemu Koponen wrote:

While testing the live migration I run into a Linux-xenU kernel panic that is basically a show stopper. So far I have tested both with 2.0.5 and testing that is a few days old. It seems that (all?) kernel allocs after live migration fail as e.g. ping started before migration still runs stable after migration, but on the other hand starting a new instance of ping results in a panic. Process crash stack traces, the kernel throws to the console, seem always to end a kernel alloc, version or another. Regular save and restore for xenU work fine.

My setup is a vanilla "xen-make-world" with the exception that I enabled devfs support for the xenU. Moreover, compressed ram disk support is compiled in, but the panics occur with cramfs ramdisks and regular ext2fs ramdisks. My xenU mounts its root over NFS.

Is this a SUE, a feature, or a bug? :-)

I wonder how sensitive Linux kernel is to underlying CPU changes, even though it is compiled to support only of a certain type CPU? In this specific case I'm trying to migrate between Athlon XP and Pentium-M domain-0 hosts, with a Linux domain-U kernel that is compiled to support Pentium-MMX class processor. Is this really a dead-end (translation: SUE) or should it work as I initially assumed?



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