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Re: [Xen-devel] ia64/Xen VT-i support code is in Xen staging tree

> Mark Williamson wrote:
> > OK.  Is there an existing codebase you can use to emulate common IPF
> > system devices (where for VT-x, the Bochs / QEmu device models are
> > being used) or will you be writing this stuff from scatch?
> We are using the exact same DM as VT-x, either Bochs/Qemu.  DM will be
> 64bit ready when we doing DomainN bringup.  So, we don't do from scratch
> rather to reuse the code.
> -Fred

OK, I'd assumed that you'd need some different models to behave like a 
"typical" IPF system.  I guess as long as the common OSes support a decent 
range of hardware (as Linux does) it's not a problem...  Do they all have 
IA-64 drivers for the (comparatively low end) hardware that Bochs / QEmu 


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