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Re: [Xen-devel] ia64/Xen VT-i support code is in Xen staging tree

> Our design strategy is to reuse ia32/Xen VMX design as possible.  That
> is,
> Device Model, the same DM in ia32 VMX, runs on Domain0 to service IO
> requrests coming from VT DomainN.

OK.  Is there an existing codebase you can use to emulate common IPF system 
devices (where for VT-x, the Bochs / QEmu device models are being used) or 
will you be writing this stuff from scatch?

> We need to build Event Channel as 
> host driver runs in Domain0; we will borrow design from VBD of ia32 VMX
> DomainN.  We also need to build corresponding hypercalls.
> We also have guest firmware implemented to service DomainN boot/runtime
> services.

OK, that all makes sense - thanks.


> -Fred
> Mark Williamson wrote:
> > Are there any design documents publicly available regarding your
> > strategy? How are you planning to implement device virtualisation on
> > IPF?

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