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[Xen-devel] Re: [PATCH] Make HZ a boot-time configurable

For the record, in Xen/ia64 each domain has complete control over
when timer ticks are delivered; each domain can use a different
frequency. If the domain is inactive when the timer tick would
have happened, it is delivered as soon as the domain is active again.
(Time marches on in Xen/ia64... every now and then each domain
experiences a _very long_ interrupt.)

Xen(/ia64) itself also has a periodic timer tick to ensure periodic
scheduling activities.  This frequency is independent of the
domains' frequency.

There was some talk recently on xen-ia64-devel about switching
over the Xen/ia64 timer implementation to be more like Xen/x86.
Sounds like the opposite is more likely.


P.S. If you want more detail, please also respond to me
directly as I am receiving xen-devel in digest form.
Is there a convenient way to respond to digested messages
to ensure the threading continues to work properly?
(I'm using gmane for this...)

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