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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] pci-ioapic-0502.patch


Ah great! I've been looking forward to that patch for some time now  :-) 
Unfortunately it isn't working on my machine. :-/

xen boots, but dom0 freezes while loading the sata-driver.
It is the "silicon image" sata-driver from the scsi-section in
The system freezes after the line "applying Seagate errata fix" (there
are some issuse between silicon image and seagate)

There exist another driver for that controller in the ATA-section.
When using this driver the system does not freeze, but stops at
sata-driver-loading as well.
But here after some time I get a "lost interrupt" message.

When booting without your patch the sata-controller uses irg 5 and
shares it with 7 other pci-devices.
With your patch the controller uses irq 18, so io-apic is used.

The system is an amd duron with nforce2 chipset.


Arun Sharma schrieb:

>>Move PCI device scanning to dom0. Enable ACPI in dom0. This should greatly
>>reduce the complexity of xen and move the complexity of dealing with
>>hardware bugs and workarounds etc to dom0.
>>The ioapic local apic (and hence all the vectors) are owned by the hypervisor.
>>Dom0 enables the ACPI interpreter, handles PCI and ACPI based interrupt 
>>New hypercalls to assign vectors and for accessing the ioapic.
>>Functionality not yet provided:
>>o acpi=off to support machines with broken or no acpi support.
>>o support for driver domains 

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