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Re: [Xen-devel] Latest xen-unstable on IBM x440

Nakajima, Jun wrote:

The point was that without specifying acpi=force, XenLinux will not
boot.  XenLinux can not find a root filesystem.  Scsi devices are not
properly detected.   It is my hope that this can be used as a
datapoint to aid in determining the work which still needs to be done
so that one day XenLinux will run on machines as easily and as well
as Linux does.

Arun's patch allows one to set "acpi=force" for dom0 xenlinux, fulling
enabbling ACPI in dom0 up to the level where the native Linux supports.
What's missing there is to fall back to MPS, which is required for

Parsing the MPS table is working now on my machine, but interrupts are still not getting routed. I'm probably a couple of bug fixes away from getting acpi=off/ht to work.


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