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RE: [Xen-devel] New MPI benchmark performance results (update)

> I am not very familar with xen-oprofile. I notice there are 
> some discussions about it in the mailing 
> list. I wonder if there is any other documents that I can 
> refer to. Thanks.

  Please, see http://xenoprof.sourceforge.net for a description
  of xenoprof and for downloading patches.(You will need 3 
  patches: one for xen, one for linux and one for oprofile). 
  You need to be familiar with oprofile to use xenoprof. Please check
  http://oprofile.sourceforge.net/ for more info on oprofile.

  Xenoprof is currently available only for Xen 2.0.5.
  I am working on getting it to xen unstable but there
  is a problem with NMI handling which was not solved yet.
  I have also attached a text file that gives an overview
  of xenoprof


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