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Re: [Xen-devel] Re: [Xen-changelog] Add a /proc interface for setting rx-buffer allocation policy in

On 3 May 2005, at 12:31, Gerd Knorr wrote:

Be prepared to be flamed for that on lkml, using /proc for stuff like
that (i.e. driver specifix settings) is depricated these days.  It
should go to sysfs instead.

I can come up with a patch for that, might take some days though as
I'm busy with some non-xen stuff at the moment.

This should happen when xenbus is implemented -- it can create a virtual bus in sysfs and then virtual device info and parameters can hang off of that. I think someone from Redhat (possibly Jeremy Katz) was going to look into implementing xenbus.

For the time being I don't see any reason for them not to hang out in /proc. We probably want xenbus before going into mainline anyway.

 -- Keir

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