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[Xen-devel] Initial memory allocation for adomain (clarification) - newbie


I had read "Xen and the Art of Virtualization" doc  from SOSP 2003.
I am also learning the code.

Natuarally, there were changes from that doc.

However , I want to clarify one point:
In section 3.3.4 of this doc , "Physical memory", it says:

"The initial memory allocation, or reservation, for each domain is
specified at the time of its creation; memory is thus statically partitioned
between domains, providing strong isolation."

In domain.c , we have:
struct domain *do_createdomain(domid_t dom_id, unsigned int cpu);

Now I do not see here any specified paramter denoting initial memory allocation for the domain. And as I understand, creation of the domain is done by this method, do_createdomain().

Am I missing something ?


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