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RE: [Xen-devel] JavaRMI and Xen problem


I have made a test with another java application: a simple test program.
It works fine. I don't see any problem. I think the problem is some
thing specific to RMI-Xen and also concerned to how we start the RMI
application. I see the problem only when the client and the server
applications are started by the init script. When I try to start the
client and the server applications manually, I don't see any problem.

Few months back, I have tested "povray" benchmark. I remember that I
didn't face any problem when I try to run povray benchmark application
in domain0. Can you please suggest how should I proceed? Do I need to do
any additional tests?


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> I am not creating any virtual machines. I am using only dom0.


> How do other benchmarks perform in the domain - e.g. Linux kernel
> compile or
> your favourite system benchmark?  Is everything slow, or just the RMI
> stuff?
> I haven't tested any other benchmarks. But I will give a try.


> Do you get the same results with the -testing tree?
> I am not using the testing tree.

I mentioned it because the testing tree contains some block performance
for domUs when using a Linux backend.  If you're just using dom0 I don't
of anything else in the testing tree that would be relevant to this


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